Is 3D the Future of Indie Filmmaking?

4 Nov

With the latest influx of 3D films, most notably James Cameron’s Avatar, film enthusiasts and filmmakers alike, have asked themselves the same question “Is 3D filmmaking the future?” I’m not personally a fan of this whole 3D craze but I have to say, 3D is here to stay. Simply, with each passing day the popularity of the 3D market grows rapidly with various companies looking to cash in on this new found market. Most theaters have converted to 3D capable equipment, a large line of HD 3D televisions have been unveiled at the consumer level, and YouTube has announced the ability to view videos from their servers in 3D. What does this mean for the future of low-budget independent filmmaking? It could mean a lot.

The resilience of independent filmmakers is unmatched in any industry. Their ability to adapt to unfavorable situations is uncanny but can they somehow play into the 3D craze? In my opinion I believe they can. Just like any new form of technology, it becomes progressively cheaper as days go on. Aiptek a relatively unknown electronics firm from Taiwan, has released a 3D capable camcorder for about $175. Within the next few years 3D filmmaking will become even more accessible to the lower level of filmmaker.

Although the ability for low budget filmmakers to enter the 3D market is there, I would like to see them stick to the traditional story telling theory. 3D filmmaking is something I see as a gimick to enhance an otherwise weak story. Indpendent films are mostly always about stories that Hollywood fails to adopt and are told from a unique and fresh perspective. Filmmakers may begin to focus on the 3D and let the story suffer. Something else to keep in mind is that most film festivals are not equipped to screen 3D films. It should be interesting to see in the coming months how it all pans out.

Do you think independent filmmakers will adopt 3D as a means to tell their story?

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