Cheap Equipment For Indie Filmmakers

5 Jan

One of the largest obstacles to overcome when being an independent filmmaker is of course, finding the money to get your film made. Most independent filmmakers try to bypass the barriers of working with producers and fund their film privately. While this may be a great choice, many filmmakers end up purchasing equipment that makes their films look like home videos rather than actual films. The reason for this seemingly fatal mistake stems from the misconception that professional equipment costs outrageous amounts of money.

One thing I try to keep in mind when looking for gear is that, “Anything you can purchase on today’s market is better than the gear filmmakers had in the 1950s.” Certain movies stand the test of time and continue to be popular among audiences of today, despite having poor audio recording and mediocre video quality. Movies are about telling a story, or conveying a message. Technological tools should always be an afterthought to the creative process.

Certain items on the market today are great must-have items for any indie filmmaker. The most important would be a camera. In recent years, Independent filmmakers have begun to jump upon the DSLR camera craze. These cameras are becoming so popular because they deliver stunning images that appear reminiscent to the visuals actual film cameras produce. DSLR camera capture raw light images using a large sensor usually located within the camera. In addition most DSLR’s are capable of shooting at a frame rate of 24 frames per second giving your film the absolute film look.

If you combine a good DSLR camera with a great light kit, your films are bound to be a success.

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