You Should ‘See This Movie’

14 Apr

So there’s this movie. You should really “See This Movie.” Okay, that was a bad joke. “See This Movie” is the 2005 comedy film written by David Rosenthal. The film follows Jake Berrymore (Seth Meyers) and Larry Finkelstein (John Cho), on their journey to get their “powerful” film into the Montreal World Film Festival. After pulling a few strings and stretching the truth, the duo’s film is accepted into the film festival. However, there’s a catch. The film they so proudly promoted doesn’t exist. The two must then scramble to get the film from preproduction to post production in a matter of days. Throughout their comedic journey the two find themselves in a hole and continue to dig deeper until everything falls apart. The plot brings the two in direct contact with lost loves, drug dealers, and various running gags that will have the viewer laughing hysterically. The film is a true independent feature and was shot over the course of thirteen days on a Panasonic DVX 100. “See This Movie” is shot as a mocumentary or as Jake Berrymore would say “a dracumentary.” Although the film lacks production value, it still manages to keep the viewers attention by providing great jokes, lovable characters, and a great moral.

I especially loved this film because it helps show that great films can be made regardless of the amount of money the producers have to work with. Independent cinema breathes fresh life into the over done commercial films Hollywood has been producing. These films often look and feel unique. In the  case of “See This Movie,” it is evident from the beginning what the writer David Rosenthal was trying to accomplish and I believe it was executed superbly.

The independent film scene incorporates everything from amateur filmmakers shooting movies on a camcorder to professional filmmakers working outside the traditional studio system. Falling in between are the “no talent” individuals who join the scene in search of glory and fame. This film helps to explore the problems with this type of film making and delivers a strong message at the end of the film. Film making is an art and a way of life. Filmmakers should share a vision or tell a story, not search for glory. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to “See This Movie.”

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