What is KickStarter? An Introduction to Crowdfunding

7 Aug

Within the past few years, multiple crowdfunding websites have surfaced on the internet. These websites allow an individual to sign up and post a project. The individual then posts “rewards” that users will get for donating money to the specific project. Crowdfunding websites have raised over $1 million for various projects including independent films. The purpose of a crowdfunding website is simple. Use the internet to rake in cash.

One of the toughest tasks for an independent filmmaker, is raising the money required to take their film from script to shoot. Crowdfunding can open doors that filmmakers never thought possible.

Films tend to be among some of the most popular projects on crowdfunding websites


No matter what type of film you are looking to get produced, Kickstarter is the place to go. Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding community and has helped a multitude of filmmakers reach their goal. Time Magazine named Kickstarter one of the top 50 inventions of 2010 and thousands of other filmmakers have already jumped on board. The community continues to expand and now is definitely the best time to get involved.

Although Kickstarter is great, it is still merely a platform and work must be done to bring in serious money. Think of it as a display window in a prominent part of town. You must provide the product to go in the window, then advertise to drive people into the store to purchase the product. Luckily what Kickstarter does do is provide a great looking website, reputable money management system, and ability for your project to be viewed by various individuals.

If done correctly, raising money can be a simple task. Most projects tend to reach their goal for a multitude of reasons. The overall concept that works to a projects benefit is PROFESSIONALISM. By writing out,organizing and executing a marketing plan, individuals will feel comfortable with donating handing over their hard earned dollars.

KickStarter can also be used as a powerful tool to network with other filmmakers and individuals with similar goals. Click HERE to check out the site for yourself.


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