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Did Nazi’s Invade Cannes Film Festival?

19 May

ย  What a strange Wednesday at the Cannes film festival. When you thought the news couldn’t get any more mind blowing, comes possibly the biggest news of the entire festival. Danish film director Lars Von Trier dug himself into a hole deeper than the Chilean miners. Continue reading


You Should ‘See This Movie’

14 Apr

So there’s this movie. You should really “See This Movie.” Okay, that was a bad joke. “See This Movie” is the 2005 comedy film written by David Rosenthal. The film follows Jake Berrymore (Seth Meyers) and Larry Finkelstein (John Cho), on their journey to get their “powerful” film into the Montreal World Film Festival. After pulling a few strings and stretching the truth, the duo’s film is accepted into the film festival. However, there’s a catch. The film they so proudly promoted doesn’t exist. Continue reading