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YouTube Spotlight: Nirob Saha

5 Aug

As you all know, the Internet is quickly beginning to overtake the traditional forms of media such as newsprint, television, and radio. The major media networks that were established in the 20th century are no longer relevant. Continue reading

Friday Indie Music Spotlight

5 Nov

Indie culture wouldn’t be complete without a great music scene. The indie music scene grows each year as new avenues for artist’s music become available. Never before have artists been able to reach audiences of millions, and still be considered relatively “underground.” The following videos exhibit amazing visuals, directing, cinematography, and of course music. These songs and videos are so good you’ll be rushing to add these songs to your iPod.

1. Passion Pit- The Reeling

This is one of the most uniquely amazing music videos I have ever seen. Everything from the effects to the music itself flow perfectly throughout the video. The creative concept behind the video lies in its three directors, John Hobbs, Ariel Danziger, and Sam Stephens. Their terrific ideas and different areas of expertise come together to create a video thats sure to stay in the mind of the viewer.

2. Two Door Cinema Club- I Can Talk

Two Door Cinema Club, a relatively unknown band from Ireland has been rocking around the indie circuit since 2007.  Their video for “I can talk” seamlessly blends shots together to create the allusion that the entire video was shot in one take.

3. Dumas- Au Gre Des Saisons

Dumas is a french-Canadian singer and musician who released his first album back in 2001. The video for “Au Gre Des Saisions” is amazingly simple yet very complex. Its use of people to spell words is artistic and extremely original.

4. Bloc Party- Pioneers

Bloc Party, an indie band from England, has been captivating fans with their unique beats and great guitar riffs since 2003. Their animated music video for “Pioneers” allows the viewer to connect directly to the creative aspect of the song and the video.

5. Jack’s Mannequin- The Resolution

The Resolution uses various levels of color correction while maintaining its simplicity.

Each of these videos has a key aspect in common. The visuals play perfectly into the song and actually enhance and keep the viewers attention.

Why do indie artists tend to have more creative music videos than their popular mainstream counterparts? Post a comment below.

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