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USMNT: The Movie?

31 Oct

For American fans, this past summer’s world cup in South Africa was one for the memory books. The USMNT put on an amazing performance and showed the world that American’s CAN play soccer. Their amazing heart, determination, and skill didn’t go unnoticed. Thousands of fans throughout America posted their reactions to some of the spectacular moments on YouTube, and the popular alternative rock band Weezer made an unofficial anthem for the team. This high level of soccer “buzz” hasn’t been seen in the United States since the days of the New York Cosmos. With the MLS playoffs in full swing and a new World Cup qualifying campaign around the corner, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hollywood capitalize on the new found popularity of the USMNT. The soccer market in America is generally open for business and is practically waiting for big time producers to move in. The sheer theatricalness of this past year’s World Cup leaves it open to a wide variety of film ideas. Take note Hollywood, there are many actors that could play a nice part in the film if it were to be made.

If I were the casting director I would cast the film as follows.

Head Coach Bob Bradley would be played by Bruce Willis.

USMNT Head Coach











The resemblance is just spot on. Everything from their personalities to their looks would make this a must. And who knows, Bruce Willis may just put in an Oscar winning performance. Next up we have Landon Donovan, one of the greatest American soccer players of all time. A great film needs some comic relief right? I would cast Ben Stiller to play Landon Donovan.

So you’re probably asking yourself “Why Ben Stiller?” In my opinion this would be the perfect match. Ben Stiller is not just a comedic actor. His dramatic roles have been exceptional as well. For instance, in the film Greenberg Ben Stiller delivered an exceptional and emotional performance. It would make more sense for someone of  his caliber to play a person as complex and dynamic as Landon Donovan. Moving right along, we have American goalkeeper Tim Howard. I would cast Keegan-Michael Key who is best known for his roles on MadTv.











The resemblance between the two is uncanny. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if they switched places between the goal posts.

These are a few of my picks for the cast of a USMNT movie. Who do you think should appear in a film about the team? Post your picks in the comment section below.

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About Filmmaker Trenton Barboza

31 Oct

Filmmaking is my passion.

Born in 1993, Trenton Barboza is among the next generation of American filmmakers. From a young age, Trenton realized he had a talent for storytelling. He began writing stories for friends and family that pushed the imagination. As Trenton grew older he, like many other Americans, fell in love with the silver screen. The unique stories, personalities, and exotic locations was just what his young mind was searching for. Trenton began reading anything film related that he could get his hands on. He strived to learn as much as possible. At age 11 Trenton’s parents bought him his first video camera and his journey into the world of filmmaking began.

“My parents were part of my inspiration. With my father being a radio broadcaster, the entertainment industry has always played a part in my life. I always knew that it was an industry that I wanted to go into, I just didn’t know where. Then in 2000 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The stories and situations around me pushed me to make films.”

Trenton began shooting videos as a hobby using anyone and everyone he knew. After shooting Trenton would spend countless hours editing his videos. He became enthralled with post production, compositing, and CGI. For years Trent studied Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Blender.

“Up to this point, my ‘film school’ has all come from experience. What I mean is, each time I make a video, my editing and shooting skills improve. The best advice I could give anyone who wants to perfect their filmmaking style is, just make videos and never stop.”

When Trenton entered high school his focus shifted from editing, and compositing back to storytelling. He enrolled in the school’s video production class and excelled to new heights. The school began to take notice and Trenton became the school’s videographer. He shot everything from football games to school debates. He continued shooting until his senior year when he decided to take a new direction. Trenton began working on his first screenplay.

“Ever since high school began I had the idea for a film floating around in my head. Each year passed and I realized if I never started the project it would never get done.”

Trenton hopes to shoot the film and attend film school in the coming years.

“Filmmaking is my passion and I believe that everyone has a story to tell. There are great stories everywhere. One goal I have in life is to enlighten the world through movies. I know it sounds cliche but its true.”

Trenton Barboza has shot and edited various projects for companies and individuals.

“I hope that one day I’ll be able to make videos full-time for a living.”


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